BodyGem Analyzer Now Determines Body Fat Percentage

by David on November 4, 2009

BodyGem RMR Analyzer Software

The New BodyGem 4.0 Analyzer software can now determine Body Fat Percentage

Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc. presented the results from a validation trial at the 27th Annual Obesity Society Scientific Conference. This trial assessed the accuracy and reliability of determining percent body fat from a BodyGem measurement.

Fat-free body mass (FFM) is made up of muscle, organs, bone, and water; therefore, the remaining body weight is fat.  Most clinicians determine the amount of body fat by bioelectrical impedance or by skin-fold measurements.

Each has their respective benefits and limitations in accurately determining the amount of fat weight in an individual. “Studies have shown that the accuracy of bioelectrical impedance, BIA, is dependant upon the hydration and activity level of an individual.”

In addition, skin-fold measurements require that an individual be subjected to a clinician “pinching” the fatty areas (i.e., abdomen, thigh, hip,) on their body. If the clinician is not well trained in the skin-fold technique, the measurement can be in-accurate” said R. Scott Hammond, M.D., FAAFP, Associate Clinical Professor at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine.

The BodyGem device is a handheld indirect calorimeter that determine resting metabolic rate (RMR) from measured oxygen consumption. RMR makes up approximately 65-75% of individuals daily energy expenditure.

Since RMR is highly related to muscle tissue, in theory, one should be able to determine the amount of fat-free weight from an RMR measurement. We employed a proprietary algorithm with the RMR measurement and compared the results to the gold standard DEXA, and a commonly used BIA system.

Results indicate the measurement is within +/- 2% of DEXA measurements and equal to a BIA system in determining percent body fat in overweight adults” said Scott O. McDoniel, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Affairs for Microlife Medical Home Solutions.

Indirect calorimetry is considered the gold standard for assessing RMR and is recommended when clinicians develop adult and pediatric weight management nutritional plans.

In addition, private payers and Medicare usually reimburse clinicians for an indirect calorimeter procedure (CPT 94690). “Currently, payers do not reimburse clinicians for assessing percent body fat. Now, a paid medical diagnostic procedure can provide both RMR and percent body fat for overweight patients.” said Dr. Hammond

Microlife Medical Home Solutions will add the new algorithm into a new version of  BodyGem Analyzer.

In addition to being able to accurately assess percent body fat, Analyzer 4.0 will provide a metabolic range for each patient or client based on resting oxygen consumption values, new educational reports that improve calorie balance literacy, and the capability to develop nutritional programs for overweight adolescents as young as 7 years of age.

Childhood obesity is on the rise and clinicians need tools and educational materials to help their patients and clients.  The MedGem and BodyGem are the only portable indirect calorimeters that have been validated in an adolescent population.

Now, clinicians can use the device with the new software program to accurately assess calorie needs and body fat when developing nutritional programs to better help this patient population” said Dr. McDoniel.

BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 is scheduled to be available December 1, 2009.

Clinicians purchasing the BodyGem device will receive the new software program.

Microlife is offering the new Analyzer 4.0 program to existing BodyGem customers at a promotional price before the December release date.

The BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 promotional price is $199.  After the promotion, the price will be $399

For more information on BodyGem Analyzer 4.0 contact Microlife Area Representative at 720-431-1461

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