The Cooper Fitness Center uses the MedGem indirect calorimeter

by David on September 24, 2013

The Cooper Fitness Center uses the MedGem indirect calorimeter, to measure their clients RMR for optimal weight management.

The Cooper Fitness Center uses the MedGem indirect calorimeter

More than 40 years ago one man changed the face of fitness.

Today millions of people are exercising, not just to enhance their outer appearance but to improve their inner health.

While individuals around the globe know exercising is good for them, they may not know who to thank for that life-changing information.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination, you must continue for the rest of your life.” Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH

His name is Dr. Kenneth Cooper—the inventor of the word “aerobics” and the philosophy that a healthy body needs moderate amounts of physical exercise.

In a single step, Dr. Cooper launched a fitness revolution that has expanded and evolved, becoming larger than just one person.

At Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, you’ll find experts to help you figure out a personal fitness program that fits you—your interests, your lifestyle, your schedule—whatever your age or fitness level.

It is a community of people who believe fitness will help them achieve a better, longer, more productive life.

MedGem RMR measurements provide them with a foundation to built a custom nutrition program for client weight management success.

To get more information on RMR testing, click on
MedGem indirect calorimeter.

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