Boulder Nutrition and Exercise uses the MedGem

by David on September 13, 2013

Boulder Nutrition and Exercise uses the MedGem indirect calorimeter to measure their clients Resting Metabolic Rate.

Their mission is to provide both nutrition and exercise education to the Boulder Colorado community.

They combine Personal Training with Nutrition Consultations and MedGem Metabolic Rate Testing, to optimize their clients results.

Boulder Nutrition and Exercise uses the MedGem indirect calorimeter to measure their clients Resting Metabolic RateKatie Doran Filkins is the founder and CEO of Boulder Nutrition & Exercise LLC.

Katie has worked in the Boulder community and clinical setting teaching nutrition and exercise since 2003.

Originally a professional dancer, she moved to Boulder from NYC to complete her education in nutrition.

She attained her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College. Her graduate work and internship were completed through the University of Northern Colorado, receiving her degree as a Registered Dietitian.

Katie has been a clinical dietitian at Boulder Community Hospital since 2005. Her 8 years of clinical exposure to patients in a critical care unit with post open heart surgeries, GI obstructions and disorders, wound care, acute renal failure, diabetes complications and more gives her a unique and broad base of knowledge for medical nutrition therapy. She created the YMCA of Boulder Valley’s first nutrition education program and served as their community dietitian for 5 years before opening her own nutrition and exercise facility.

She opened Boulder Nutrition and Exercise Services in February 2006 to unite the field of nutrition counseling with personal training. Boulder Nutrition & Exercise remains the only nutrition education facility to have patients on a piece of cardio equipment during their nutrition consults!

Boulder Nutrition & Exercise has since partnered with Boulder Endocrinology in 2008 to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to their patients at their Lafayette facility. Katie works very closely with medical providers to provide a team approach for patients to improve and maintain optimal health.

Her specialties include diabetes management, cardiovascular health, weight loss, GI disorders, sports nutrition and women’s health. Using a compassionate approach as a coach, she leads her clients to success as they define it. The word ‘diet’ comes from the Latin word ‘diaeta’, which means “a way of life”. Katie is a “foodie” and her passion for food and fueling the body will help you attain the “way of life” you deserve.

For more information, click on Boulder Nutrition & Exercise

For more information about metabolic rate testing, click on MedGem indirect calorimeter

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