BalanceLog Software is Now MiHealthLog

by David on February 5, 2010

After clients get their RMR measured with a BodyGem or MedGem indirect calorimeter, they receive a Daily Calorie Budget, which is based on their RMR, their activity levels and their weight loss goals.

Then to have success, they need to hit their Daily Calorie Budget on a consistent basis, to create an imbalance between Calories In and Calories Out, to lose weight effectively.

Balance Log was a software program that helped clients track their caloric intake, water intake and exercise.

BalanceLog was limited in that it was only for PC’s and not Apple computers.  And when Windows Vista was released and cause incompatibility issues, the best path was to create a new tracking system that would function online.

That new system has just been released and it’s called MiHealthLog.

It has an even larger database of foods and more features to make tracking caloric intake and exercise even easier, and since it’s online, there’s no compatibility issues.

Click here to find out more about MiHealthLog

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