Increase Profits With A Microlife BodyGem RMR Measurement Device

by David on January 30, 2020

The BodyGem indirect calorimeter system can determine metabolic rate for your client in 5-10 minutes. Metabolic testing provides a precise measurement of your clients RMR, which can account for up to 75% of their total calorie needs.

  • Metabolism testing is superior to estimation equations, such as the Harris-Benedict formula and Katch-McArdle formula.
  • Scientifically based metabolic rate weight loss empowers your clients to greater weight management success.
  • Metabolic testing increases your revenue.

Your clients look to you for success.

Metabolism testing is superior to estimation equations, such as the Harris-Benedict formula and Katch-McArdle formula.

The BodyGem device is well known in the fat loss industry! Imagine if you were the only practice in your area that offers RMR testing!

What would it be like to have little or no competitors! Well the BodyGem is the only handheld, portable device that can measure someone’s metabolic rate so they know exactly how many calories they need to lose or gain weight. It’s the only device that is evidence based and proven to be accurate and valid through independent testing.

Anyone in your area that is looking to lose weight would love to have this measurement done. Why? Because it takes the guess work out of weight loss and guarantees success. The only variable is tracking calories and the BodyGem Analyzer software measurement report gives your clients the target of calories to consume, including how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

There are dozens of apps now that help people track everything including calories. So it’s never been easier to implement a science based way to lose weight.

By measuring the metabolic rate for weight loss, you provide your clients with an evidence based way to lose weight consistently. When clients lose weight consistently, they stay longer as a client and generate more revenues for you. Their success also makes them refer more clients to your facility for even more revenues!

When You Bring In The BodyGem To Give Your Clients Better Results, You:

Get More Word Of Mouth Referrals (increase number of clients)
Get Clients To Stay Longer (increases total spending)
Get Clients To Pay Additional Fees For The Measurements (increases spending frequency)

For more information, click on BodyGem indirect calorimeter.

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