BodyGem and MedGem Payments Options

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Microlife BodyGem or MedGem indirect calorimeter.

We accept payment in four ways.

  1. Credit Card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  2. Check We accept checks.  Orders will be shipped when the check clears.
  3. Wire Transfer. There is a $25 wire transfer fee.
  4. Establish credit terms. It normally takes 3-4 weeks to establish credit terms for your company. Payment terms are to be paid Net 30 days from date of invoice. To ensure your application is processed in a timely manner, please see requirements below.

Print our credit application form in Adobe PDF or Excel format.

Here is our W9 form

Please use a standard reference sheet but make sure you fill in all information fields on MiMHS credit application that are not included on your reference sheet. Missing information may cause delays in processing.

  • Financial Institution must include all of the following: bank name, account number, address, phone number and fax number.
  • Credit Reference must include all of the following: company name, account number, contact name, address, phone number and fax number. We require 3 credit references.
  • Fax the completed credit application form directly to me at 1-866-285-8296 (no cover letter needed)

Contact me for more information on the payment options.
Call me for the current BodyGem and MedGem prices.

I wish you the best of health!

David Wilcoxson
Microlife Representative
p 720-431-1461

4 thoughts on “BodyGem and MedGem Payments Options”

  1. I am interested to work with your device. I have a slimming studio in the netherlands. Please inform me of
    The possibilities and
    purchase price.
    Does the device work on our netwerk ( 230 volt)
    Do you have a reseller in europe?

  2. Hello Caroline,

    Thank you for your interest in our indirect calorimeters.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a distributor in Europe at this time, and we don’t ship international.

    I wish you the best of health!


  3. I am confused about the difference between the BodyGem and MedGem. They appear similar in function.

  4. Colleen, the BodyGem and MedGem are the same type indirect calorimeter. They have the same functionality, accuracy and reliability.
    The difference is that the MedGem is a FDA 510K-cleared, class II, medical device, which allows licensed clinicians to make insurance claims on their measurements. The MedGem System Kit is $3,499 and the BodyGem System Kit is $2,799. I hope that clarifies if for you. I’ll also email the information to you. David

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