Use The Microlife BodyGem And MedGem To Create An Individual Weight Loss Plan

by David on December 21, 2014

The Microlife BodyGem and MedGem indirect calorimetry devices measure your clients Resting Metabolic Rate, to optimize their weight loss results.

Controlling Portion Size by formulating an individualized nutrition plan.

As you may already know, the U.S. Department of Agriculture swapped out the food pyramid for the plate icon. The new standard is now a plate and is geared towards portion size.

This will help individuals consume fewer calories with an individualized nutrition plan.

When formulating a nutrition plan, it’s important that your patients or clients know how many calories they consume to stay within their daily budget! How do you determine their range to begin with?

The MedGem™ indirect calorimeter measures resting metabolic rate (RMR) – the amount of calories your body burns at rest during a 24 hour period.

RMR is a critical component in creating an effective nutrition plan to help control their weight.

The MedGem and BodyGem helps creates an individualized nutrition plan.


Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc offers the WatchWT™ MedGem and BodyGem.

The program uses the MedGem, a FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device and is reimbursable, whereas the BodyGem device is the fitness model.

Both devices measures oxygen consumption that then determines their RMR!


Once you know your patient’s RMR, you enter it into our Analyzer software that generates a 4-page graphical and educational report.

Educating your patient is KEY!

The report takes into account the RMR, as well as the individual parameters, such as height, current weight, goal weight, occupation activity level, hours of work, hours of sleep, exercise, etc.

The report also determines whether their RMR is high/low/normal, calculates percent body fat, and breaks down their calorie budget in terms of macro and micro nutrients.

Analyzer report provides:

Macro and micro nutrient breakdown. Not only does the report determine RMR, but it will provide your clients down to age 8, their macro and micro nutrient requirements.

Validated down to age 7.

Generates 4-page educational report in addition to a one page Clinician Report that can be uploaded to an EMR program.

Analyzer software individualizes caloric needs by including occupational activity and sleep schedule.
Further individualizes by adding exercise calories separately.

Get more information on the MedGem and BodyGem 

We don’t post prices online, as it’s best to talk with us regarding our different system kits, to determine which one fits your unique needs.

Call me directly at 720-431-1461 or send me an email to get your questions answered.

I wish you the best of health!

David Wilcoxson

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Marilyn Ball wiliams November 19, 2016 at 10:02 am

Is this piece wearable ? What is the cost, a one cost?.

David November 19, 2016 at 10:29 am

No Marilyn, it is not a wearable product. It is a medical device that you breathe through for 5-10 minutes, to determine your RMR. You can locate a MedGem or BodyGem Metabolic Assessment Provider in your area, click on this link.

You can read more about the MedGem @

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