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by David on December 29, 2014

I had a prospective customer call me for pricing on the BodyGem System Kit and they noted that Stores Online is selling them cheaper for $1,895.

I looked into it and found that they are a Nature’s Sunshine representative that is selling old-style HealtheTech BodyGem devices.

HealtheTech was the original name of the company that developed and marketed the BodyGem and MedGem.

7 years ago Microlife bought the rights to manufacture and market the RMR devices.  Microlife is a health and wellness company that manufactures blood pressure monitors and other health devices.

Nature’s Sunshine representatives used the BodyGem as part of their health and wellness program, to help people manage their weight.

But they stopped marketing the BodyGem at least 7 years ago, so any BodyGem device that they have in stock is an old style unit, and it has no warranty from Microlife.

There have been several design differences that have been implemented to improve the Microlife BodyGem over the years.

The BodyGem and MedGem mouthpiece filter is the old oval-design with the integrated flow tube.

Now the mouthpiece filters is a bite-wing style that helps maintain a positive seal, and it makes it more comfortable for the client.

The flowtube in the newer BodyGem design stays in the device, and only the mouthpiece is discarded.

The nose clips are padded instead of just plastic, which makes it more comfortable for the client.

The sensors in the BodyGem have been upgraded to perform better and to allow factory recalibration.

And the BodyGem Analyzer software has been upgraded and improved.

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David Wilcoxson
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